Car Scratches: 5 Common Causes

Car Scratches: 5 Common Causes

If you walk out to your car and see that it has been scratched up, the resulting frustration may linger for a while. When car scratches occur, it's not always obvious what caused them. There are some sources of scratches that you might not immediately suspect, like automatic car wash brushes and studded belts. But regardless of the cause, you'll want to get the scratches repaired quickly so that rust doesn't get the opportunity to set in. Here's a look at five common ways that cars get scratched.

Improper Washing/Waxing

Because it could be abrasive, you shouldn't grab just any random rag to wash your car. Instead, you should always use synthetic microfiber towels that are specifically meant for such tasks---and won't cause scratches. It's also best to always use only automotive-industry approved soaps. Before you wax, you'll want to double-check to make sure there is no debris on the car's surface that could lead to scratching.

Automatic Car Washes

Brushes in automatic car washes often accumulate dirt and debris from vehicles that have previously gone through. If that debris doesn't fully rinse off before you go through, it could end up scratching your paint as the brushes work against your car's paneling.


When a big truck kicks up a rock, it could chip your windshield or scratch your paint. While this is certainly frustrating, it is unfortunately sometimes unavoidable. It can also be tricky trying to hold other parties responsible for such damage.


If you lean against your car while wearing an article of clothing that has sharp edges, such as metal buttons or studs, you may end up scratching your paint without even realizing you're doing so.

Malicious Behavior

In most instances, it's perfectly clear when a vehicle has been maliciously scratched or "keyed." These scratches can be more challenging to repair because of their length and depth.

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Posted: December 30, 2020

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