Auto Body Repair Vocabulary: A Look at Common Terms

Auto Body Repair Vocabulary: A Look at Common Terms

Before spending your hard-earned money on auto body repairs, you'll want to make sure you fully understand what exactly you're paying for. In the industry, there are certain vocabulary terms that might be unfamiliar to customers. When you come and see us at the shop, we'll make our best effort to ensure that you understand the repairs we're conducting on your vehicle. But it could still be helpful for you to be familiar with common industry terminology.

When you entrust your car to us at Fabian's Collision Center, we'll work hard to ensure that the repairs are completed promptly and flawlessly. No matter if you've been in a major collision, or just need a little scratch/ding repairs, we can expertly handle the repairs. Here are some of the common collision repair vocabulary terms.


Through corrosion, refined metal converts to carbonate, oxide, hydroxide, or sulfide. Rust is a common type of corrosion. When rust appears on a vehicle, it's important to address it ASAP so that it doesn't spread and become more costly to take care of.


This stands for Direct Repair Program, and refers to the understanding between the shop and insurance company regarding repairs, billing, and record-keeping.


This is short for Like Kind and Quality, which refers to auto body parts that have been removed from an out-of-commission vehicle and are still in great condition. These parts are fully inspected to ensure that they can be used for flawless repairs.

OEM Parts

OEM means original equipment manufacturer. When a damaged vehicle has parts that need to be replaced, OEM parts are usually the best bet for an ideal fit.


Putty is a polyester product that is used for filling in very minor body damage. It can be used for leveling out irregularities and dents before applying primer and finish paint.

R & R

R & R stands for remove and replace. This means that a part has been damaged extensively, and it will make more financial sense to replace it instead of trying to repair it.

Auto Body Repair in Stockton, CA

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Posted: August 30, 2021

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